Microconnections is a space for examples of microsuccesses in microfinance and microcredit. Why? Because microchange eventually makes macroeffect. For my part, the connections are what matter: I want to meet and understand the details of each “who” doing their own small “what.” Send your stories and comment freely.


3 Responses to “Isn’t everything micro these days?”

  1. meganthemostofit Says:

    Here’s a beautiful example. Chicago Public Radio played a piece last night called “Micro Revolution: Neighbors Making a Difference” that highlights community organizing in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. If only I could steal the name! http://www.wbez.org/Content.aspx?audioID=13840

  2. amicro Says:

    What a great title – indeed, this is the title of a new book out on the very effect you are speaking. i too am moved by the idea of small deeds leading to larger impact, so the concept of microloans perhaps could have an even broader context. anyway – a friend of mine just told me about: microplace.org too… check it out if you get a chance! my latest micro – event is collecting $2000 for the 2-day 39.2 mile Avon Breast Cancer Walk! Wish me luck!

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