Garden in FezSo, I hear the complaints…where the heck are the photos? The same thing has been going through my head for the last week. All my glimpses of Spain were meant to be illustrated, but I let the traveler’s worst threat get the best of me: technical barriers of quick moving in strange places. Dave and I apologize, and humbly beg all not to give up on us. We are committed to the VISUAL! (As our friend and host in Madrid, Juan commented to me last week, “Your boyfriend is Japanese.”) David has been repaying hospitality across Europe with the visual, leading to  a computer crash at Cindy’s and over a thousand Spain photos left on Juan’s hard drive.  (NB: these blessings too can be yours, should your home lie in our path to Cameroon!)Since coming to Morocco, I fear we have gotten even worse. I’ve taken perhaps a quarter as many photos as Dave, but then, hey, I’ve got about a quarter as many memory cards and camera batteries. Once we filter his – including so many ridiculous pictures of me with my eyes half shut under my head scarf or translating for him from our Spanish language Moroccan guidebook (long story) or instructing him (with a typical Megan instructive face) in French from our “Easy French for Travelers” – we may be even.

So, right now, I amend the previous post with a few real glimpses of Spain, and leave you all to a visual tour of our first 7 days in Morocco. On the map, the route goes: Casablanca (not as romantic as the movies), Rabat (so much more than an administrative capital), Meknes (confusing as heck Medina but good jumping off point), Mulay Idriss (our first hired guide) and Volubilis (mmm, Roman ruins!), and Fez (phew!). I write currently from the Middle Atlas, a town called Midelt to be specific, where we have just been offered the “Berber hospitality” (two cups of mint tea, “the Moroccan whisky” and a 60 Dirham room). Tomorrow, we continue the trek down to Rissani and Merzouga, for a genuINE camel trek into the desert. That means, yes, more photos. Blessings!